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Fishing Trip Planner & Information

Things to Bring:

1.      Polarized sunglasses.  Check out Ocean Wave Sunglasses. 

2.      Sun Screen. 

3.      Hat and protective clothing.  The boat has a lot of shade but the sun gets intense during the summer months. 

4.      Food and drinks.  I suggest drinking lots of water when it is hot. 

5.      Digital Camera, or you can pick up a disposable camera if you have forgotten yours.  Remember there is ample dry storage on the boat. 

6.      Get up early so you can arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your departure at a location to be determined with the Captain.

7.      Any special needs for your or your children. 

Most important is to call Capt. Lee the day before your scheduled charter.  If you do not talk with him, leave a message with your hotel name, phone number and room number.  You can also leave a cell phone number but remember cell phones in the Florida Keys may or may not work.  Later that evening Capt. Lee will return your call.  If you miss each other, keep trying.  You must talk to set up your departure time and location.  

Now we have everything ready to GO FISHING and have GREAT DAY ON THE WATER!

To reserve your date give me a call today! 

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