Mangrove Snapper live all over Florida Bay from brackish water to the deeper holes and wrecks that are scattered throughout the bay. Larger Mangrove Snappers can be found on the reef from 25 feet to 200 feet of water. When they start to spawn in summer to early fall schools will be in large numbers. They will be found on the deeper patches along the reef line. These fish are usually hungry but will always eat at night. Night is when you will pick up the bigger fish.

For best results keep your tackle under 30 pound. I prefer a Castaway 7ft. 25lb. Class spinning rod with a Penn 7500 or 8500 reel spooled with 25# P-Line. If you prefer conventional tackle the 7ft Castaway Tarpon Rod with its fast tip will get the job done. Hooks from  #2 up to 4/0 with fluorocarbon leader will give the best bite. Mangrove respond very well to chum and will eat shrimp cut ballyhoo, mullet, and squid. Don’t forget live bait, the larger fish love it.



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